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January 10, 2011
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The New Clans Chapter 1 Cover by Ebonycloud-Graphics The New Clans Chapter 1 Cover by Ebonycloud-Graphics
Okay so I never really got an official cover up for chapter 1. Last time I tried I get fed up but I managed to get one this time around. Its also been a heck of a long time since we have seen all five our main characters together so this is kind of a treat I suppose. Anyway, i kind of wanted to give a little need to know information about our characters that may eventually be revealed in the comic but its not so important that I might bother.

In the story we have five characters of differing ages, attitudes and clans.

Wolfpatch - 2 years 1 month old - Oldest in the group and is the assumed leader.

Swanfeather - 1 year 11 months - Second oldest and is probably the outcast of the group due to her attitude.

Phoenixstep - 1 year 9 - Third oldest and the only medicine cat in the group. He was made in to an apprentice at 3 months old rather than the required 6 months.

Tigerlily - 1 year old - Tigerlily is the littermate of Ghostclaw and was pretty much only just made in to a warrior. She hasnt quite gotten used to her rank but doesnt mind speaking out like she always has. She was born from a Windclan she cat and a Shadowclan tom though both were warriors of Windclan when she was born.

Ghostclaw - 1 year old - GHostclaw is the litter mate of Tigerlily and is the tallest but no bulkiest member of the group. He along with his sister were only just made warriors. He is still very kit like. He was born from a Windclan she cat and a Shadowclan tom though both were warriors of Windclan when he was born.

Chapter 1 - [link]
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